Immersion Camps

In the upcoming September holidays, we will be hosting a Chinese immersion adventure camp in the beautiful rainforests of Victoria, Australia.

There are a limited number of spaces so to avoid missing out, just put in your details below and we will send you all the information that you need.

We will also be running this camp across all other states of Australia, New Zealand and the UK over the next 18 months and will be expanding to other languages that will include Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Italian and German depending on demand. If you fill out the form below, then we can keep you in the loop about upcoming camps.

This exciting 3 day Chinese program coming this September holidays is designed for children from Grade 5 to Year 10, from beginner through to native speaker. Children will be grouped by their respective age groups and level of Chinese.

Through a combination of outdoor and indoor activities students will get to dive deep into a valuable Mandarin learning experience and explore many aspects of Chinese culture.  The program is designed and run by some of Australia’s top Chinese teachers.  The program is built to get the most out of traditional adventure camp activities like the flying fox, canoeing and the giant swing but with a fun Chinese twist.  All participants will be learning while they get to enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery of Camp Rumbug in Eastern Victoria..

The cost of the trip is all inclusive even covering transport to and from Melbourne but if parents would prefer to drop their children off at Camp Rumbug (just outside of Foster) they are welcome to.

As Australia’s largest provider of Chinese language programs, we feel especially well equipped to provide your children with a unique educational experience that promises to be a huge amount of fun. 

Simply fill out the form below and we will send you a brochure with more information on the camp and how to apply.


For schools, we can run a camp at your current school camp location

If you have a long standing relationship with your school camp provider and want to continue to send your students there, then perfect! What we do, we can do anywhere!

We would just need to speak to your school camp provider and tweak the week’s itinerary a little and put a few Chinese signs up around the facilities to China-fy it a bit!

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